Arenzano and Cogoleto, typical Ligurian village, with narrow alleyways leading down to the beach, the little squares surrounded by colorful houses and the outline of the mountains behind, apples, a small town with an ancient history, surrounded by the hills and cultivated fields, not only the sea, but lush green hinterland to explore by car, on foot or by mountain bike.

The municipalities that are part of the Montana Silver vacation spots are ideal for all seasons and a starting point for sightseeing tours and hiking areas of great interest.

Many and varied are the opportunities for dining and living in the hinterland: farms , where you can taste the honey, fruits and vegetables grown on the characteristics of the “terraces” restaurants , where you can enjoy the unhurried dishes Ligurian pasta with pesto from the fried whitebait, and savor the nostralino; hotels in the countryside, which meet the various needs of tourism in a warm and quiet; ” shelters “, excellent hotels and restaurants that call the shelter environment characteristic of mountain.

The path of the High Street and the valleys that branch at his feet are protected both by the three mountain communities Argentea, Giovo and Stura and Orba valleys, both by the Park Beigua: therefore deserve to be reported in this section, some of the dining and living room of the other municipalities in the region – Albisola Campo Ligure, Masone, Roussillon, Redwing, Star, Tigley, City, and Varazze – that might be interesting landmarks for days outdoors and hiking in the mountains .

In correspondence with the belt of Beigua, finally, there are picnic areas available to visitors, equipped with benches, tables and fire points protected: in the vicinity of some of these green areas were created paths of knowledge of rural culture and proto-industrial, which enhance the area and the tourist offer.