In addition to beautiful stretches of coastline in Liguria includes in its small territory to discover a mountainous area, where nature, history, culture and traditions intertwine, telling the visitor when walking paths and trails were paths to the downstream transport of hay and for businesses inland from the sea, from the hinterland to the sea.

The territory in which they are the municipalities that are part of the Montana Silver – Arenzano, Cogoleto and apples – is unique in that the proximity of the mountains to the coast offers an extraordinary variety of environments, landscapes, experiences.

The High Street – hiking trail that connects the two ends of Liguria, along the watershed of the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian-Po of the Maritime Alps – is strong point of this area, a spectacular balcony formed by the mountains that overlook the sea. Unforgettable are the emotions to catch along the way: an exceptional panorama, which in the limpid days of the north range from the coast to the Alps, the flowery meadows in the spring, the embroidery of ice that winter offers in rocks and trees.

The two sides have very different environments: on the one hand, the narrow and picturesque valleys that descend to the sea, deep furrowed by streams and dotted with fresh pine blacks clinging to the rocks, on the other the sweetness of the wooded slopes of the highlands Beigua slope towards the Po Valley. The path of the High Street is the border in two different worlds, not only from the point of view of morphological and naturalistic, but also from the climate: on one side the Mediterranean climate of the coast, across the continental slope of the Po Valley. On the long ridge of the house and the wind often carries with it the gaigu (local time), a dense fog and damp that surrounds the mountains following the profile as a wave.

This site will allow you to walk along the trails and discover the hidden beauties of nature and the traces left by man, will offer views of beautiful landscapes, emotions captured from the lens of a camera or enclosed in a movie: if the images that will flow, changing with the seasons, you feel the desire to learn more about this land, you can choose between hiking and sightseeing opportunities.